Washington Wellness Center



Our purpose is to empower and equip the people of Central Illinois with the information and resources necessary to take control of their health and live happier, healthier lives.

We do this by providing the highest quality nutritional supplements, toxin-free home and personal care products, essential oils, vitamins, herbs and more, along with lifestyle education and individualized Functional Medicine health consulting from Dr. Taylor Krick, who works with individuals to help them get to the root cause of their health conditions. Click here to learn more about what a functional medicine approach can do for you.


Our philosophy is that your body is designed to heal, and when you get the pieces of your health puzzle put together to provide the right environment, you can take control of your health.


Many people know the pieces of their health puzzle - diet, stress management, exercise - but they are missing other big puzzle pieces - inflammation, toxicity, hormone balance. Our goal is to help you put your health puzzle together.

Functional Medicine is a systems-based approach that focuses on looking for the root cause of disease.