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Tropical Shaved Ice


Tropical Shaved Ice

Article by: Tara and Tia AhQuin from “Abba’s Set Apart Remedies

Looking for a tasty frozen treat that is not only drizzled with delicious fruity goodness and great for these hot summer months but also a much better, healthier alternative? Cool off during these hot summer days by creating a healthier version of shave ice for you and the family!

Shave ice is primarily made with fine shavings of ice and a variety of fruit syrups. Unfortunately, these syrups usually contain high fructose corn syrup, artificial flavors, unnatural food dyes in every color of the rainbow, and other chemicals and additives. Not very cool if you're wanting to make healthier choices and stay clear of those things. But not to fear! You can easily make your own fruit syrups right at home without all the harmful ingredients! It’s always great when you know exactly what’s in the food you and your family eat! Even better when it still tastes amazing, if not yummier, than its unhealthier counterparts.



·Frozen fruit concentrate of any flavor

·And/or homemade fruit sauce

You'll also need:

·Blender or snow cone/shave ice machine

·Cups or snow cone cups

·Straws and spoons

What to do:

First you'll need the syrups! Here is an easy no cook fruit syrup recipe you can use to make them. This recipe in particular needs 24 hours for it to fully be done so if you want something quicker you can always simmer or heat the fruit syrup. Otherwise, you can just prepare it a day beforehand.

- This recipe is easy enough. You basically just combine all your ingredients in a mason jar, mash it all up, strain it out after 24-48 hours of letting it sit and refrigerate, and Voila! You have a yummy fruit syrup to pour over your shave ice!

- There are 8 flavor combinations shown, but feel free to experiment and come up with flavors of your very own! And since this is a no cook fruit syrup recipe, all the nutrients are left intact. Leaving you with not only a scrumptious fruity syrup, but one that benefits you as well!

- Next it’s time to turn ice into snow for your homemade syrup to be poured over! You can either do this with a Vitamix, Blendtec, or if you just so happen to have a snow cone or shave ice machine lying around, it’s time to put it to good use! Just follow instructions for crushing or shaving ice when using any of these.

- Since we are blessed to have a Vitamix, this is what our family does to attain shaved/crushed ice.

- First we put the ice cubes into the blender mug adding enough water until ice is floating and not touching the blades, blend that for a couple of seconds. After this is complete strain out the excess water and there you have the “snow” for your shave ice!

- Now all you need to do is assemble! Scoop some snow into your cups. Use an ice cream scoop to round off the top if you so desire. Pour your scrumptious homemade fruit syrup over the top of the shave ice, put a straw in it so you can drink up some of the melted juices at the bottom, and you’re done!

Get Creative!! Make Something Yummy Even More Delicious:

- Mix it up a little and add more than one flavor of syrup to your frozen treat. Make a rainbow shave ice with three or more flavors! You can even place a scoop of ice cream in the cup before adding the “snow” such as a vanilla or any other flavor you may enjoy! Another option is to make your own homemade ice cream and use that! (Tip: The brand Cuisinart sells an ice cream maker that is extremely affordable, it allows you to make ice cream in as little as 20 mins. I bought mine at my local Costco between $30-$40.)

Traditionally in some parts, shave ice is topped off with sweetened condensed milk. A great alternative to what is called a “snow cap” would be to drizzle some delicious coconut cream sweetened with stevia or any other sweetener of your choice. This will give your tasty summer treat an authentic Tropical FLA-VAH! Your possibilities are endless, there are so many options depending on how creative you want to get!

I think you would have to agree, this would be an awesome way to cool off this summer with an icy treat you and your family will love! It can even be a fun little project to do with the young ones! A healthier alternative that tastes absolutely AMA-ZING!!