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Hormone disruption is perhaps this country's greatest epidemic, because it will disrupt and affect everything. Breast cancer, prostate cancer, thyroid conditions, adrenal fatigue, low testosterone, stress, weight gain, hair loss....the list goes on and on, and the problem continues to get worse.

Hormones are low - so we replace them right? Hormone Replacement Therapy, synthetic thyroid hormone, testosterone creams...if the hormones are low we just need to raise them right?

Well there is a reason that now you see commercials with Class-Action Lawsuits against testosterone therapies (gels, creams, pills, etc) that they are now linked to heart attacks. Fixing a hormone deficiency by putting in more hormones is like fixing an economy problem by printing more money - it will make things WORSE!

Like the economy, the true SOLUTION is to find out WHY your body is not producing hormones properly and fix the CAUSE rather than treat with medications. We actually had a patient this week that was told by two medical doctors that his testosterone was too low, so they put him on a medication. After being treated for the last 3 months, he went in to have his levels re-tested, and they were through the roof and he's getting off the medication.

It's not always that simple though. Hormones can be disrupted by toxins, stress, nervous system interference, leaky gut, damaged inflammatory fats, the list goes on and on. The point is that the solution is never to add more hormones in, the solution is to find out WHY the hormones aren't functioning.

Real Health Coaching specializes in lifestyle interventions to regulate hormone pathways, including hormones controlling energy and weight-loss. Let Real Health Coaching help you find and address your problem naturally instead of creating bigger and bigger problems. Schedule a free consultation today.